5 Best Online Business Ideas 2022

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If you are looking for the best online business ideas, then keep reading because I’m about to share with you the top 5 hottest and best online business ideas for 2022.

These online business ideas are perfect for someone who is just starting out and want’s to earn passive income working from home running with their own profitable online business.

Before we go any further though, I want to ask you a quick question?

On a scale from 1 to 10.

How motivated and determined are you, to start your own online business?

If you scored a 7 or higher. Then whatever you do make sure you tune out any distractions for the next 5 minutes and pull your seat in a little closer because as you read this entire article.


Secrets About The Best Online Business Ideas Will Be Revealed.

And if you read this post until the end, I will share with you 3 proven strategies that will help you to improve your chances of success with your online business. And all of these ideas all have low startup costs.

And I’ll also share with you 4 things that small business owners like yourself, must totally avoid to ensure you have the best chance of starting your own successful online business venture.

This article is jam packed with what I consider to be the best online business ideas for 2022 and beyond. And I am excited to share them with you and everyone new to the online business world.


What Are The 5 Best Online Business Ideas?

Before we cover, what I consider to be the 5 online business ideas for someone who is just starting out. I want to first warn you about something that can stall your progress or even stop you dead in your tracks.

The first thing is saying to yourself, I know that already. By saying that to yourself, you are essentially closing your mind off to new online business ideas and new ways of thinking.

The second is saying: I have heard something similar before. Which is very closely related to the first roadblock. And the third is thinking, maybe it works for them but it won’t work for me.

Before you start an online business you have to believe In yourself, You have to have an unshakeable belief that you will succeed with your online business idea and if you don’t.

You may unknowingly sabotage any change you have at creating an online business.


You Have To Commit To One Of The Five Online Business Ideas.

Fourth, you have to a have a clear goal and focus on that goal. Don’t let yourself become distracted by the latest greatest online course.

Pick a goal to create a lucrative business and then set a target date to accomplish your goal and get started on your path to accomplishing your goal and don’t give up until you reach it.

A large part of starting your own business is having the right mindset from the beginning and creating a positive frame of mind and following through with consistency.

Don’t let yourself be distracted by your social media accounts. Or get bogged down searching for digital marketing tips in the search engines.


Online Business And Road Blocks.

One other thing you should be aware of is that, along the way you are going to encounter obstacles for example, things that you don’t know how to do.

If you want to succeed and launch a successful profitable business, you will have to become resourceful and use the power of Google and Facebook groups.

Why you ask? Because being resourceful will help you to find the answers to any problems you may encounter along your journey. All you need is an internet connection which I assume you already have.

If you still can’t find an answer after trying those methods I just mentioned, you can always look for online courses to fill any of your knowledge gaps.


Future Online Business Owner

A quick word of warning, keep an eye on your startup costs and if you decide to out source some aspect of your online business.

Be careful who you hire because on the internet you will encounter all kinds of people who claim to be experts. Do your research and look into someone before you hire them for your online business.

For example, If a potential hire says that they are a Youtube expert, check to see if they have a Youtube channel and see how many subscribers and views they have.

That’s just an example but if goes for anyone you hire, whether you hire someone to run any aspect of your online business like paid ad campaigns or you get someone to create graphics for you.

Make sure they know what they are talking about and they have some proof to back them up.


Now Let’s Get Into The Top 5 Best Online Business Ideas.

Starting with number one which that is the easiest for most people who are new to online business and internet marketing.

Model one is probably the easiest of all the online business ideas that you can start and the easiest one to get up and running quickly, with the minimum amount of financial investment is affiliate marketing.

It is a 6 billion dollar a year business and growing year after year and anyone with an internet connection can participate in it.

In fact, you can start marketing other people’s products for free, all you need is a blog or a Youtube channel to get started. You really don’t need your own website but it helps.


If You Haven’t Heard Of Affiliate Marketing Before.

It is basically recommending a product, service or software in exchange for a commission if your recommendation leads to a sale.

It is really just a matter of creating some content and and ending up in the search engine results pages. And it is way easier than start your own ecommerce website.

Affiliate marketing is the first online business I started way back in 2007 and it is definitely the easiest to start and has very low up front investment to get up and running and the lowest risk.

As an affiliate marketer all you need to get started is a traffic source, like I already mentioned you can create a Youtube channel and create content related to your niche.

Or you can start a TikTok channel just using your smart phone to shoot videos.


Of All The Online Business Ideas.

Affiliate marketing is probably the easiest to start although, I recommend you have at a minimum your own website and an email marketing software.

For web hosting and an email marketing software you can get started for less than $30 a month. If you are just getting started I suggest you look at hosting your site with Kinsta and for an email marketing I recommend using Convert Kit.

If you are really serious about affiliate marketing and you want to overcome the challenge of creating lead capture pages quicker, I also recommend using something like Lead Pages to create your lead capture pages quicker and easier.


Why Does Every Online Business Need To Build Their Email List?

Building an email list and following up with your prospects will make it easier for you to make sales and Lead Pages makes creating the pages you will need simple.

I also use Optin Monster on my blog in my own online business and of all of the email pop ups I have used over the last 15 years of marketing online, it is hands down the easiest and most versatile.

Just to recap the first online business idea before we move on, affiliate marketing is basically the most affordable and the easiest of the five profitable online business ideas to start out with.

It has the lowest startup costs then any of the other models and is one of the easiest ways to earn money.


Here’s Why This, Is One Of The Best Online Business Ideas.

You don’t have any products or customers to deal with and this style of business will give you the most freedom, although there are downsides to it as well that I will cover in more detail in a moment.

But you can literally run things from the comfort of your local coffee shop or work from home sitting on your couch. It has high profit margins and is a great way to make money online.

You require very little digital marketing skills to start and with a little market research you can begin to grow your small business using proven marketing strategies you can learn online.

It is a great way to learn passive income and you can utilize many of the online platforms to deploy your marketing campaigns.


Launch Your Own Online Courses

The second business model I recommend which was the next model I started in 2008, is digital online courses. It sounds difficult but it is easier now than ever to sell online courses.

Online education is a growing industry, especially since the pandemic made the idea of working remotely a necessary. If I was starting all over again and I was wondering how to start an online business this is the one I would choose first.

It is easier than it sounds, It’s just basically sharing your expertise or knowledge about a particular topic in the form of a digital video training course.

The best part is you don’t need your own online store you can use Samcart and host your online course on Thinkific or Teachable. And use your social media presence to attract clients.


You Don’t Need An Online Store Or Crazy Advertising Campaigns.

The products that you create are digital so there is no product inventory to worry about or shipping fees. You don’t even have to worry about the time it takes to deliver a product to a customer.

Because it is all digital, talk about a cool internet business idea. lol. You don’t need a lot of technical skills and in no time you could have a successful business.

Of course you will have to do some basic market research to gauge the amount of potential customers for your niche market. But once you are ready to launch your course you don’t even need a web development team.

You can either have them download the digital product or use a secure members area as I mentioned before like Thinkific or Teachable to deliver your online course.

Digital training courses are a great business model because you only have to create the content once but you can sell it over and over again to your prospective clients.


High Profit Margins

And the profit margins for a digital product based businesses tend to be rather high and the fact the online learning community is growing larger and larger everyday is a bonus!

It is currently a multi billion dollar industry and one that will be around for awhile. There are a few pitfalls you need to be aware of and avoid and I will go over those with you in a moment.


The Third Online Business Idea Is Offering Your Services

The third type of business model is an online service based business. One example could be a Facebook Ad Agency running Facebook ad campaigns for clients or an online consulting business or technical writing.

Another example could be photography or videography services that you market using the power of the internet. You don’t need a fancy web developer either all you need is WordPress to launch your photography website for example.

It is a little more labour intensive than the first two models but a lot of people are running very successful service based businesses online.

There are plenty of online store ideas that do not require a physical product, for example you could also be a SEO consultant.


The Fourth Online Business Idea is Software As A Service Or SAAS

The fourth model is software as a service also known as SAAS and it probably is the most time consuming up front and requires the most investment to get started.

And you don’t have to be a software developer to get started. You can always outsource your software ideas on a site like Fivver or Up Work.

But with a software as a service based business you have the added ability to charge monthly and a lot of people continue to pay monthly for years.

Adobe for example charges monthly for all of their products.

Another example would be an email marketing service like Convert Kit that companies use to send out emails to their prospects and customers.


Subscription Model Is A Great Online business Idea.

If you have a choice, always focus on creating a monthly recurring subscriptions service over a one time software sale. The first sales is always the easiest to make.

Just make sure you provide excellent customer service. As long as your customer is happy with your service and they continue to use it you will have a lucrative business for many years to come.

Subscription services are one of the best online businesses and you see giants like Apple incorporating that into their strategy for a good reason.

If you are going to start an online business seriously consider incorporating a subscription service in your offering.


You Have Probably Already Heard Of This Business Idea.

Drop Shipping Using Amazon, the fifth and somewhat popular one is to create a drop shipping service using the Amazon marketplace.

I don’t personally like this model for a number of reasons.

One, you have to rely on someone else to stock and deliver the inventory and two the profit margins are lower than creating your own digital products.

There is also a certain amount of risk and lot of competition. This is number 5 for a reason.


Top 5 Proven Online Businesses

How To Increase Your Odds For Success?

Now let’s talk about what you should do to ensure you have the best chance at success.

One of the biggest factors is first choosing the right market and second is ensuring that the people in that market are problem aware and that they are already searching for a solution to a problem.

It is a lot harder to sell something to people who are not problem aware and know that they have a problem they want to solve, so keep that concept in your mind.

Who has a problem that you can help find the solution for?

Make sure you focus is on helping and problem solving.


Who Is Your Target Audience?

The three hottest online markets where you will find the majority of profitable online businesses.

Are focused on wealth, health and relationships and sub-niches within these three large profitable niches markets.

Those 3 markets are the markets you should focus on

Once you have chosen your target market, the next step is to determine who your ideal customer is.

Before I get to that though.


When It Comes To Your Own Products.

A lot of people’s main goal is to generate more income for their self but the goal of your business should be to create value for your customer and help your customers achieve their goals.

Helping your customer should be the first priority, if you focus on getting results for them first, then you are on the right path.

Your primary goal should be to help your customer solve a problem.

Although, make sure you choose your customer wisely.

One tip for you is to think about who you can help to get the results they are looking for, if you didn’t receive payment until they achieved their desired result.


Attract Your Ideal Customer.

This is important when it comes to choosing your ideal customer, so I will say it again.

Who can you help to achieve their goals if, you didn’t get paid until they got the results they are going after?

What type of person would you have to attract in order to make your job easier?

Finding prospects that are, problem aware and who are motivated and focused on solving their problems are a whole lot easier to help than someone who is not aware of their problem or ready to solve it.

Does that make sense to you?

Do you see how choosing the right customer before you start your online business can affect the type of products or services you would create in the future?


A Few Things To Consider When It Comes To Selling Online.

You should be striving to create value in your market place and helping people to get results in advance. That is the way that you build authority in the market.

How To Be More Successful With Your Online Business?

People pay attention to authority figures in their chosen market and attention is a form of currency.

If you attract and help people that are already problem aware they are more likely to buy from you because you have already helped them by creating reciprocity.


Don’t Be Focused On The Quick Sale!

You only have one chance to make a good impression so make sure you first provide value upfront in advance and that you only promote products you use and believe in yourself.

One of the fastest path’s to starting a successful online business is to model people who are already successful doing what you want to be doing.

And modelling not copying what they are doing. For example, what are they selling, how are they selling it, where are they getting their traffic? What is their unique selling proposition?

Then figuring out how you can do something similar but different in your own unique way.

Hopefully you have a better idea of how to start an online business after reading this article.

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